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Radiant Reds

Radiant Reds Bold.  Beautiful.  Brave. Blissful beauties, a round of applause to the women able to rock a stunning shade of RED. While red is a gorgeous hair color, we’d be lying if we said it didn’t come with a little extra upkeep.  Red hair tends to fade quicker...

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Beautiful Brunettes

Beautiful Brunettes Don’t worry, we have plenty of love for all hair colors!  Compared to other hair color options, brunettes have the easy road in terms of maintenance. Keeping it Shiny If you see your stylist every 4 – 6 weeks to touch up your customized color, we recommend...

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Blissful Blondes

Blissful Blondes We understand that blondes need a little extra care to keep their hair looking beautiful and bright.  We get questions about conditioning treatments, products and maintenance.  So whether you’re thinking about going blonde or are currently blonde and looking to just maintain the look, here are some things you...

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